5 stapling service examples

Stapling Services

Leave the annoying stapling jobs to the pros. Whether it’s a single printed document or an elaborate catalog, Copy2Copy can help with all your stapling needs.

Keep it nice and simple with professional stapling. Never deal with stapler jams from cheap office staplers for large projects.

Quality stapling is a strong and cost-efficient solution for large quantities of documents that don’t need full-spine binding.  We offer a variety of stapling options such as single upper left, dual left side, or saddle-stitched. 

We can staple bind, print, and sort your:

We are open six days a week to accommodate all of your stapling, printing, and finishing needs. We know things come up last minute and we are here to help with whatever task is given to us. 

Come in or call today and see what we can do for you.

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