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Collating Services

Stay organized and reduce your workload with document collating services from Copy2Copy. Collate refers to the gathering and arranging of individual sheets or other printed components into a predetermined sequence. This creates consistent, logical sets from multiple sections. For example:

  • A short-run perfect bound book requires its pages to be collated in numerical order before it can be bound. 
  • multi-part forms and checks are created from individual sheets collated in a specific sequence.

Keep in mind that the individual parts of a print project can be collated without having to be bound or fastened together. For example, document assembly of promotional packets – like those used for: 

We offer 2 types of collating services:

Inline Collation (Machine Collating): Collating can occur as the various components are being created on the digital printer. Generally, if the pieces within a document set have similar characteristics, they can be collated with an automated piece of equipment.

Offline Collation (Hand Collating): This can occur as a separate step after the components have been printed and removed from the printer. Depending on the project’s complexity, offline collation can be automated or performed as a manual operation.  This is ideal for:

We take time and pay attention to detail with all our orders to make sure you’re satisfied.

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