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Professional binding and finishing makes all the difference between an ordinary document and a professional presentation.

At Copy 2 Copy we give attention to the smallest of details in the finishing touches to ensure that your document makes the right impression.

Velo Binding - Comb Binding - Fastback Binding - Coils - Combs - Velo Strips - Saddle Stitched Book - San Diego Convention Printing Services

Binding types include Comb, Velo, Coil, Tape, wire, perfect bind and Booklet-Making.

Other services include cutting, folding, stapling, collating, insertion into binders, shrink wrapping, drilling, padding, foam core mounting and laminating.

Binding Manuals
Tri-Folding Brochures
Folding, Mail Pieces
Mounting, laminating
Booklet Making
Stapling Product Literature

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